New Stylish Bridal-Wedding Anarkali Embroidery Fancy Frocks Collection 2013 By Pam Mehta Vol 1

Pam Mehta sense of style that comes out in her creations is truly enviable., and grounding design industry for the past 17 ​​years, is truly admirable. With no formal fashion training, but gifted with a keen eye for the right to shape the contours of the creation Mehta has met with huge critical and commercial success, both in Western and Indian buyers. She won the hearts she has set foot on the place, whether it is strict market Beverly Hills and New York or Europe fashion hub. Her dress is a complete sell-off exhibition in Los Angeles, with the famous fashion stores such as Ann Taylor, Saks and speculation Marciano picked up her products at one go. Her belief in a relaxed fashion very global appeal, her design inspiration is beyond belief. Her style can be customized to suit one and all.

She have picked some stylish Indian Anarkali dress famous women in the countries of South Asia as casual and formal wear. Old Fashion Anarkali dress embroidered aptamer Busy clothing and stone work, a detailed description is mainly silk, chiffon and Banarasi fabrics, but epoch-making era adds so much to change the culture Anarkali dress-











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